Saturday, July 11, 2015

2 months and counting ..

Time spending with one of my love is just a good feeling inside.
Glad God sees the pain I've been through all this time.
Because my previous and previous relationship wasn't so good actually. 
It was good at first but it kinda slowly fades away.
Things seem to get a little bit complicated and leads to breaking up.
Results to me having a mental break down and wanting to die 
then bla bla bla bla....

I have admit it that my past wasn't the brightest
but I'm ready to make a change
I told Mom about my previous relationship
she didn't seem too happy about it
she doesn't accept me being with my previous ex.
I've never been glad to have a mom like her 'cause what she told me was useful
Thankyou mom for being the one who will always guide me

I was going to let mom know about my relationship now
'cause I'm scare that maybe she thinks that I'm still with that guy.
ewww please , I don;t want anything to do with him anymore.
Let him go to hell with his actions and more.

The way he treats me,
looks at me,
touch me,
and much more is one of a kind.
Hope this will last until the last breath I take.
I still remember what he said about
" nanti lau kita kahwin bh , kita masih ka gini ? I mean peluk2 time tidur and cium2 gitu ? sebab lau kahwin sda 20 tahun bersama suda kan , semua yang tidur jauh2 macam mamy and dady sa. Kita gitu juga ka nanti ? "
That's what he said.
See how cute ?
I just don't know how to answer him but I did answer after all.

Pleasee be the one who would actually stay.
I don't need you to watch over your actions 'cause nobody is perfect.
Just be the one who stays with me
through ups and down.

Clinton Lindam.

This photo show the different time that we spend together.
The first picture was the first time we got on a date and also where you asked me to be your ....
You know what I mean.
I need to save pictures like these 'cause pictures like these save a thousand moments.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Just a little talk.

The holidays are almost over.
It's such a bitter sweet kind of thing you know ? 
On the other hand , it's like holidays are boring 
but on the other hand then , you are lazy enough for school to start.
But I think this holiday it kinda boring and I didn't did anything productive 
Just 2 weeks waste. 
I just don't know.
Sad enough to leave my hometown but missing enough to meet my friends and my man.

So when the school days start , I still have 1 more week to spend time with my man.
Because he's continuing his studies too. 
So time spending with him will be more less everyday. 
But it's okay as long our hearts are close together then I'll be alright.
Trust and honesty is all we need.
I even promised to make my grandma's all time favorite " Bubu Caca "
before he goes .

I've met his family , I mean all of his family members. 
His dad is a kind guy. 
His mom is just wow, sporting and very open minded.
His brother and sister are cute. 
they seem to be very good peoples.
 Hoping this time , it will last longer than I expected it to be.
God , please let him be the one. 
Cause he is an ideal boyfriend and husband for me. 
Hope the relationship will last long. 

Friday, May 29, 2015


Hello fellow bloggers , I've came back just for a while.
It's been a while since my last update right ?
Well I'm going to share my story today since the past few months .
So here goes .
Since my last break with a boy like I really , never even think about of replacing.
I'm fed up .
I just need a normal life , normal friends and a normal relationship with someone that I can lock it down to .
Is that so much to ask for ? 
But I know it's up to me to change anything I need to change . 
So you want me to change ? well baby I'll change , my mind .

So as you all see the picture up there . 
His name is Clinton Lindam.
I don't know him very well at first , but our first meeting was so embarrassing .
He was force to pick me up by my house and I didn't think he would be okay about it.
Sorry for that.
Well we were kinda been set up as a blind date that went pretty well I guess.
I'm glad to know him. 

At first , I saw how nervous he was meeting me , 
and I was like , "he's cute when he's nervous."
We talk quite much really but overall it was fun.
I had a great day that day.

Things get kinda obvious when we met the second time. 
If I'm not mistaken , it was the day we took a trip to Kiulu .
I can't describe it in words .
But overall I felt something , that maybe he felt it too.
So the night after that , we started to chat in a different kind of way .
It was so obvious but I didn't want to be too over confidents.

The night after that , we chatted until I fell asleep and missed out on a very wonderful voice chat.
You asked me to be your girlfriend and it's cute. 
In your own way.
At the morning , I played it and it gave me a shock cause my self confidents has drop since 
"you-know-who" break me into a a billion million thousand pieces. 
In that morning , we planned of going to watch movies at 1B.
And that's where it started . 
The butterfly , nervousness 
I just can't describe in any other kind of words . 
It was a great day. 
I don't care if we met too late , I just glad that God gave us I chance to meet each other.

Thankyou for brighting up my day and nights Clinton baby.
Hope this will last longer than the previous one. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy again.

I know it not easy to let go , not easy to heal a broken heart that has broken into bits and pieces 
and some pieces are missing . 
You may think that you need someone to save you 
but you never think that maybe you have to save yourself.
Be your own superhero.
Be your own knight in shining amour.
Be the one who heals that heart that has been broken maybe 200 times or more,
Be stronger like no other.
Set yourself free from everything that has been holding you back , hurting you much more.

He played you , cheated on you , and even lie to you and much more.
You know what ?
He's the most stupid person in the world to let such a wonderful girl/woman like you.
Keep that in mind.
You are never too much abut you are enough.
He just couldn't handle someone hot like you.
He doesn't deserve someone like you.
You deserve so much more.
Remember you are wonderful.
Don't ever think that you couldn't compare to other girls out there.
You are more better than them.
You have your own uniqueness in you. 

There are so many other people out there.
Who loves you , cares for you and needs your love and support.
Everyone is there for you.
Just remember that.
It's always time to be happy again.