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Monday, June 9, 2014 • 8:59 PM • 0 Comment(s)

Hey everyone :) 
How's everyone doing ? 
Hope everything is okay :)

Sorry cause I didn't update my blog for a long time . 
I just got back from PLKN on 29th May . 
But the thing is , I didn't have time to write . 
So today , is my day to get on writing :) 

Well , here goes .. 
While I saw at PLKN , something happened . 
Something happened to my beloved grandma :( 
No wonder my heart couldn't calm down . 
If my mom didn't call me , I would even know what had happened while I saw away . 

This is what happened to my grandma :( 
The incidents goes like this .. 

My grandma was at a party . 
She was ready to go home . 
It was dark and she didn't see that there was stairs at the end of the path .
So she went straight and fell . 
Her ankle bone twisted . 
She was quickly sent to the KB's Hospital . 
And was sent to Queen Elizabeth's Hospital . 
The doctor said that grandma needs to have a surgery on her ankle . 
Cause the bone is twisted 180 degrees . 
 The doctor told us that the surgery was fine and complete . 
They screwed grandma's ankle bone together . 
Imagine how that hurts -,- 

Gosh ! that hurts >.<
Sorry that I have to go through that all grandma :'( 

Grandma's out from the hospital and now she's home :)

Currently Grandma's friend :) 

Taking care of grandma is my job for now . 
But I'll have to get back to school's life not long from now . 

Hope grandma will soon walk again . 
Get well soon Grandma ! 
I miss the dished that you would cook everyday :') 
Love you grandma ! 
<3 <3 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 • 12:48 PM • 0 Comment(s)

Sorry does mean something . 
But people also get tired of hearing the same old words 
Over and over and over again . 
People get pissed off when you did the things that you promise you would do . 

People will accept your sorry for now . 
When there comes a time that people can't accept your sorry anymore .
People had enough of that crap . 

So before you do anything . 
Think through . 
Don't let someone get hurt over the things that you did . 

Thursday, March 20, 2014 • 10:21 PM • 0 Comment(s)


It was the day that I've been waiting for :)
Last night , I was so nervous until I can't sleep . 
Until maybe around 3 in the morning . 
And slowly then , I fell asleep :)

I really did get cold feet and nerves in my tummy . 
I thought I fail . 
Cause the rules are , if you fail BM and History . 
No matter how pretty your results are , 
You are still gonna fail if you fail those two subjects . 

But hopefully I PASSED ! 
Thank God I passed . 
My gasshhh . 
I really didn't expect it . 
My result is 1A , 1B+ , 1B , 1C+ , 1C , 1D and 3E . 
1A - English 
1B+ - Seni Visual 
1B - Science 
1C+ - Moral 
1C - B.Melayu 
1D - Sejarah 
1E - Maths 
1E - Sastera 
1E - Perdagangan 

Hope Grandpa up there is proud of me :') 
Hey , Grandpa . 
If you could see me , hear me . 
I hope you're proud of me . 
I've did my best and that is what came out . 
Hope it's enough for you Grandpa . 
You could rest in peace now . 
I'm all grown up now Grandpa . 
I know you've been watching me .
And I know you're worried about me but you could rest now Grandpa . 
I am grateful to your Grand daughter :') 

Thanks for all the support from my families and friends and my love :) 
Without you all , I wouldn't be here right now . 
And thanks for accepting my results . 
I know it's not that pretty but I tried . 

Until then , Lovessss :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 • 2:47 PM • 0 Comment(s)

Forgetting someone is impossible . 
Someone who gave you all of those memories . 
Someone who made you think that you were worth it . 
Someone who even made you think that " wow , this is forever " 
Someone who made you feel like your the only girl in the world .
Someone who made you feel loved . 

It hurts you more when you are trying to forget the person that you once love so deeply .

Can't forget them that easily . You can't. 
I've try .
You will stalk them and do everything to know every single thing about them . 
Like what they're doing and etc. 
But if you see them with someone else . 
You will feel like your world is all crashing down on your own feet . 
Believe me , I'm going through that right now . 
You just want them back in your life but you can't 
Cause forbidden love is like that :') 

My advice is if you want to cry , 
Just cry . 
Do what makes you feel better . 
Except thinking of committing suicide .

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